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ViatorPower Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Charge Everywhere!

The automotive industry is currently going through a hugely disruptive change. The Electric Vehicle (EV) (including Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV)) has started to replace the less environmentally friendly petrol and diesel versions. However, while EVs are gaining more acceptance by the consumer the required infrastructure is lagging behind.

While the owners of the petrol and diesel variants can manage their journeys by ensuring they have enough fuel in the tank, with EVs, the owner must ensure to depart from home with a fully charged car and that their journey includes locations to charge their batteries which are easily accessible, be they at their workplace, shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, etc.

ViatorPower charge points provide the optimal charging solution for all EV owners.

Charge Fast!

One of the biggest concerns people have when considering an EV is the charging time. There are two types of charge points available to EV users, generally referred as Mode 2 and Mode 3. To date Mode 2 charge points have been used in private premises as they have significantly less power ( 2 to 3 kW). Mode 3 charge points provide 22kW of power and can therefore charge the batteries significantly faster.

All ViatorPower charge points are Mode 3. The microprocessor based control unit controls the complete charging process and when the batteries are fully charged it automatically turns off the current and stays in standby. With ViatorPower you will be guaranteed a quick charging process.

Charge Safe!

The primary function of the EV charge point to provide a safe connection to a high power charging source. All ViatorPower products comply with the required European Safety standards and fully tested during the assembly process. All components are sourced from highly reliable sources. All ViatorPower charge points are robust, durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and should be installed only by suitably qualified electrician.

Charge Economically!

At ViatorPower we believe we are bring the most cost-effective EV Charging solution to the market. Together with a hugely flexible manufacturing process which enables made-to-order production runs include custom colour and optional features we believe you will struggle to find a better solution on the market. All ViatorPower products are supplied with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

ViatorPower charge points can be configured to provide different interfaces to the customer. We call these eCABLE and ePLUG.

ViatorPower eCABLE is a built in cable solution providing with a Type 1 or Type 2 plug depending on your EVs requirements. eCABLE ensures that you have the least amount of cable hassle and your ViatorPower unit is always ready to charge.

With this option the ViatorPower unit is provided with a special ‘holding socket’ to ensure the eCABLE can be securely and safely stowed when not in use. This units can be produced with limits of 7.4 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW. The unit can be supplied with a lockable switch to prevent unauthorised use.

ViatorPower ePLUG provides a Type2 socket for your EV factory supplied charging cable. The charging socket is accessible through a flap on the front of the ViatorPower unit.This unit is a unique charging solution for EVs with any of Type1 or Type2 charging inlets. ePLUG charge points can be supplied for one or three phase supplies with limits of 7.4 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW.

As with ViatorPower eCABLE charge points an outer overload and electric shock protection shall be installed into the circuit of the charger. ViatorPower ePLUG provides a safe and protected fast charge solution for you or your customers.

ViatorPower Charge Points are manufactured and distributed by ENCASE Ltd., Hungary. E-mail: info @ –